TV: The Brain Drain (...or is it?)

Whoa! It's been a long time since I've posted anything on my blog. Long enough that I've sort of forgotten when I last posted anything. Actually, I could go check when I last made a post now but somehow I'm too lazy and I'll just keep typing instead.

Anyways, Bao has mentioned in a previous post somewhere that Wen and I have been making show recommendations. I'm glad to know that we have good taste in shows :)

Recently I started watching a show that I should be torrenting as well: The 4400. The premise of the show is based on 4400 people who possesss supernatural powers that were given to them by people from the future. (You gotta watch the show to know more!)

Here's a quick synopsis of the 2-hour mini-series. I'll try my best to reconstruct what I remember since it's been a long time since I've watched the mini-series:
An apocolyptic sized asteroid is headed towards Earth and everyone is scrambling to find someway to stop it. It enters the Earth's atmosphere and instead of crashing and causing huge amounts of death and destruction, it hovers above a lake. In a sudden explosion of light, 4400 people suddenly appear on the lake coast, totally confused as to where they are and what happened. In the mini-series, these people are known as The Returnees and in the series they're called The 4400, hence the name of the show.

What do I think about The 4400? Well if you enjoy BSG for its human drama and for their infrequent use of sci-fi jargon, then you'll enjoy The 4400. The only reason Star Trek has survived this long is due to their casting of beautiful women; there was simply too much sci-fi techno jargon and the writers didn't change the tiring "story formula". (that was totally unrelated but that was my 2-cents)

So, check out The 4400!


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