The Tools Don't Make the Man (or "Woman"), the Man (or "Woman") Makes the Tools

Ah tools. Tools are the wonderful things that help you get stuff done. Like a hammer or a socket wrench. In my case, my two most important tools is an oscilloscope and a waveform generator.

Yesterday I went ahead and finally purchased an oscilloscope and waveform generator from Syscomp Design. (I have a link to the site over to the right if anybody cares) So, an oscilloscope is an instrument that I can use to measure waveforms and a waveform generator is an instrument that can make the waveforms.

The good thing about the Syscomp instruments is the idea of open source software so I'm free to modify and add my own features for signal processing, especially with the oscilloscope. One draw back with Syscomp's open source software is that it uses something called Tcl, which is a markup language. This means, at least to me, that a markup language used for signal processing and number crunching would be very sluggish, which is not good since seeing information in "real time" is way better. But that is the nature of digital instruments; there will always be some form of preprocessing before we see the results.

So, hopefully in a few days I'll get my instruments delivered and I can play around with them and get started on the RC car hacking project!


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