Taking Bao's Blog Advice and Convocation (Another Non-Engineering Post -> ANEP)

After some thought, which was most like 30 seconds, I have to admit that Bao's right and not everybody is interested, nor as enthusiastic as myself in engineering stuff. So, with Bao's blogging advice, I'll post a variety of topics here and mark then ANEPs.


Some of you might be in the dark but I've finally graduated from Ryerson and perhaps I'm now ready for bigger and greater things. On Monday (19th) I had my convocation ceremony, but what does it mean? Is it just another day? For the souls who have slowly withered away and died long before might feel nothing about their convocation. Or perhaps convocation is finally the shower of cold, fresh water that will revive these withered souls.

For me, convocation was a time for reflection that I could have done better on a particular test or assignment or report or something else. But perhaps I should first mention a particular speaker attending the ceremony.

Pierre Lassonde is the President of Newmont Mining Corp and he was receiving an honorary doctorate. An honorary doctorate is bestowed upon a person for their contributions to society, their achievement in the use of an interdisciplinary approach to university education and a lot of wonderful and amazing required criteria.

Anyways, the most significant thing that Pierre Lassonde spoked about was your passion in doing whatever you want to do is the most important thing in your life. As long as you're doing what you love, you would feel like you've never done a minute of work.

Some of you will disagree but Pierre Lassonde is absolutely right. Artists, poets, and philosophers have sung, painted, and argued as to what is "love" and how do we know we've found it? Love is one life aspect that you'll know it when you see it because it will hit you in the face like a freight train.

For myself, I think I've finally found my first love and she calls herself Godiva and she rides nude upon a white horse. (For the non-engineers, I'll find the link to the "Godiva" song and post it.)


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