Funny Story:: The Unfortunate Middle East 4th Year Engineering Student from UT

First off, I only heard this little tale today and I think it's funny enough to share it with the rest of you. I'll assume that the following applies to all engineering schools in which 4th year students are required to design and implement an engineering design project that's (obviously) related to their program. So, for electrical and computer engineering students, a typical design project would be related to power electronics, signal processing, or control system.

Here's how to story goes. A Middle Eastern UT electrical engineering student, let's call him Ali, was sitting on the subway, during his commute down to UT campus. The night before and well into the morning, Ali was working deligently on his design project. To keep himself awake as much as possible, he had gulped down several large cups of coffee during the night but unfortunately by the time he was done, he was starting to feel the effectiveness of the caffeine disappearing. Ali knew that if he had one more cup of coffee, he'd have the worst bowel movement ever. So, he decided to brave the commute without the extra boost.

That's when it went down hill. When Ali got on the subway at Kipling, he immediately sat down and put his design project on his lap. A week before, Ali had a creative streak and thought of the great idea to put his project inside an aluminum suitcase, that way he can carry it around with ease. Now, once Ali was sitting, he opened his project to give it a last minute inspection and turned it on to make sure nothing bounced loose when he was getting on the subway. By the time Ali reached Eglinton Station, he dozed off.

When he woke up, the first thing he saw was the barrel of a gun pointing at his face and surrounding him were several police officers. The first thing they told him was "deactivate the bomb". Ali deactivated the "bomb" and told them it was his 4th year design project. Guess what? The police didn't believe him. Somehow, Ali convinced the police officers to escort him to his supervising professor and had his professor explain his project. After about an hour long explaination, the police officers were convinced and went back to the police station to write their reports.

Ali's professor turned to him and said, "Ali, I think you should shave your beard before you go home."